Reusable gloves vs. Disposable gloves

Date: 28.07.2020 | Shing Yee

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Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the searches for gloves surged to an abnormally high amount in the worldwide.

However, there are many traders out there that are lack of experience and knowledge about gloves products and are just sourcing for gloves blindly.

As named, reusable gloves are meant to be reused many times after washed and keep in a cool place. While disposable gloves are not meant to be reused and should be disposed of after first use.


Thickness of Reusable Gloves vs. Disposable Gloves (Single Use Gloves)

Reusable rubber gloves are typically thicker (our gloves range from 11 mil to 33 mil), more comfortable and durable than disposable gloves.

You will usually see this kind of gloves being used in household and industrial, which normally are used for dishwashing, janitorial cleaning, house chores, general maintenance, painting etc. 

Woman cleaning the counter  in the kitchen

Disposable gloves are typically thin (around 4 mils and above) and are highly flexible.

Mostly you will see people wearing disposable gloves in the medical industry, food industry, dental clinic, tattoo industry, salon etc. and they are required to change the gloves often to prevent any cross-contamination.

And also it is great for the industry that required manipulating small parts and pieces with the wearers' fingers.

disposable gloves

There are many types of disposable gloves in the market. Examination nitrile gloves, medical gloves, surgical gloves, vinyl gloves, latex powder-free gloves etc. they are all under disposable gloves, which is not included in our product range.

By pair or by piece?


While reusable rubber gloves are often non-ambidextrous, which means they always come in the left hand and right hand in a pair, disposable gloves are ambidextrous and can be used interchangeably for left hand and right hand.

That's why in the market we usually see reusable rubber gloves are being sold in a pair, while disposable gloves are being sold in bulk pieces, usually being packed in a box.

I saw you have listed nitrile gloves at your website, but why would you say it is not available?

One of the products that commonly being misunderstood in our product range is the nitrile gloves. Whenever we get the inquiries via phone or via inquiry form, most of them will be asking for nitrile gloves.

Well, we do have reusable nitrile gloves in our product range, but it is totally different from the single-use nitrile gloves. 

The nitrile gloves that we produced is named as "Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves", which is specifically made to resist different kind of chemical.

NF1513 Glove Application

Unlike disposable nitrile gloves, our nitrile gloves are thick (range from 11 mil to 22 mil) and durable. The sturdier design of our chemical resistant nitrile gloves is meant for longer lasting protection against chemicals. 

While disposable nitrile gloves are designed to provide protection against chemicals only for a short period of time, eg. in the event of splash.

What do we offer?

At Nastah, we only produce reusable rubber gloves, and they are typically made of three types of materials, which is natural latex, neoprene and nitrile. Each type of material is meant for a different level of protection against a wide range of chemicals in various industry.

You can take a look at our product here:

Our products are being categorized into 4 main categories, which is:

(i) Household Rubber Gloves

(ii) Food Processing Rubber Gloves

(iii) Industrial Rubber Gloves (also known as heavy duty rubber gloves)

(iv) Chemical Resistant Nitrile Gloves

One of the advantages of reusable gloves is that it is more environmentally friendly than disposable gloves. A pair of gloves can be reused multiple times as long as there are no holes or puncture at the gloves.

If you are currently looking for reusable rubber gloves manufacturer to develop your gloves product, just fill up the form here and our gloves specialist will get back to you within 1 working day. 

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Flocklined Gloves or Unlined Gloves?

Our gloves are available in flocklined and unlined. Flocklined meaning that our gloves inner lining are being sprayed with cotton flock to provide the utmost comfortability to the wearers, especially for those with sweaty hands. 

Chlorinated and easy to wear, no lining inside the gloves, which is especially safe for food industry

Unlined meaning that there is no inner lining at the gloves, and this kind of gloves will usually undergo chlorination to provide a smooth donning experience.

While flocklined gloves are often a great choice for those with sweaty hands, unlined gloves are very suitable for food processing industry. Since there is no cotton flock in the inner lining for unlined gloves, it has greatly reduced the risk of contamination of the cotton flock to the food.

If you are especially concern with the quality of the flocklined gloves, all our flocklined gloves are using spray flock instead of dipped flock. You may want to talk to our gloves specialist to find out more.

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Do you know where else can I find disposable gloves manufacturer?

No worries, you can always check out Malaysia Rubber Gloves Manufacturer Association (MARGMA) website here and take a look at the lists of members.

Each company that listed at this website will state their products type clearly and also the contact person that you can reach out to. 

We wish those who are searching for gloves to be able to find the right person for their business opportunities!

Final thoughts

We hope that this article might help to clarify the difference between the reusable gloves and disposable gloves.

If you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to reach out to us!

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